Invest in Your Future.
Pay Yourself First

An Engage PEO Retirement Plan Gives You Control & Independence.

Let’s face it, relying on Social Security to sustain you during retirement just isn’t a viable option anymore. Increasingly, today’s workers are taking ownership of their own financial futures by investing in a 401(k) plan.

The law allows for 401(k) contributions to be made on a pre-tax basis, so why not pay into a 401(k) plan that belongs to you instead of relying exclusively on a program that may not even exist when you need it most?

Investing as little as the cost of going out to eat once every paycheck can result in a very healthy 401(k) account balance over the course of a few decades.

It’s time for you to take responsibility
for your future. After all, if you don’t, who will?


Engage PEO Empowers You to be an Investor

Your individuality valued.

At Engage PEO, we treat each plan participant as an individual investor. Since it’s your money, we believe you should be integrally involved in how it is managed and invested.

Your questions answered.

Our trusted advisors are dedicated to educating and empowering each participant-investor. That's why we offer investment advice at no additional charge to all 401(k) participant investors.

Your contributions maximized.

We're dedicated to keeping our fees among the lowest in the industry. A lower fee structure gives you the potential of saving tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your plan.

Your savings accessible.

Life happens to everyone, that’s why loans and hardship distributions are available to you in the event of an unforeseen crisis.

Keep an eye on your 401(k) investment with Email Express

When it comes to your 401(k) plan, knowledge is power. Our Email Express™ program provides participants with weekly insights into the status of their individual account, as well as critical updates on market fluctuations and the direct impact those changes may have on your plan.

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Our full-featured participant-investor portal allows you account access 24/7 to:

  • Make instant adjustments to your 401(k) plan
  • Track your investment in real-time
  • Manage any aspect of your 401(k) account